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Deadlands: Hell and Back is an experimental, almost meta table top experience. For the first time, player characters experience a maxi-series style campaign, one with a beginning, middle and end. The campaign is structured like a television program and told in five seasons. It is the theoretical basis for a potential Deadlands serialized program.

The Story So Far…

The player characters in our posse are direct descendants of the first men, the Old Ones, who bound the Reckoners in the Hunting Grounds for countless eons. When the evil shaman Raven and the Last Sons crossed over into the Hunting Grounds they slaughtered the Old Ones and released the Reckoners. Now, the Old Ones’ spirits remain trapped, tortured in the bowels of the Hunting Grounds, and their bloodlines are saddled with a terrible curse. A cursed bloodline comes complete with a terrible Fearmonger(s) arch-enemy, a massive subplot and a complete character arc.


The posse has two current objectives: 1) Find and collect all four supernatural elemental gemstones, figure out how to unlock their power (ceremony? magic words? You haven’t unlocked the whole puzzle yet but you do have the ancient text 20% translated), and ultimately open a gateway to the Hunting Grounds. They are all expected to build an army, assemble the world’s greatest sorcerers, mystics, magicians and holy men, cross over into the Hunting Grounds, and protect them until they can break the curse and free your ancestors. After that, They have to figure out how to bind the Reckoners back in place.

Sounds easy, right?

Next, 2) Track down and retrieve the Heart of Darkness, a dangerous occult item, before it can be used in any dark ceremony. The Heart of Darkness could be a fifth elemental gemstone vital to the other four. Both trails leads West through Tombstone, AZ and into the Great Maze that was once California….

Deadlands: Hell and Back